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as you guys know my name is Siew Voon & bitter 15 now :) lives in Klang but studies in Subang . Don't ever judge me if you don't even know me . Don't like me ? press ALT + F4 and you & I will be more happy . Love me ? welcome to my blog and enjoy it :) at last no spammer is allow :x

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Sunday, February 28, 2010, 7:26 AM




Happy sweet 16 birthday to you , nicole darling aka my dearest ♥
Friday, February 12, 2010, 1:09 AM

Nicole Tan Shin Ying

yes you , its you no look away nicole tan shin ying :D

happy sweet 16 birthday yea darling :)

so what that we never meet each other before ?

but you and I's hubungan are better than some of my friends :)

still remember how we know each other and started to talked to each other ?

its on the plurk , you taught me how to download photos to friendster when I haven't quit friendster .

and started from that time , we started to being good to each other , slowly you became my darling .

seriously , I appreciate you much more than some of my school friends !

you such as a good , kindly , friendly person for me ! for sure you're pretty and cute !

you're 16 and I'm 15 now , smaller than you 1 year :)

and yea , when we gonna meet up ar ? I miss you so so so much :'(

but I know after you're form 4 ,you have lots of stuff to do .

like tuition , schooling , homework , tuition homework and these and that .

I can understand why nowadays you're less online .

still remember our ' anna ' ? wait , its not ours cause she such as a rubbish .

and yea , no matter what she did to you , just treat her as a kiddo kay ?

come on , she is really a kiddo who always just fooling around , don't need take serious with her too :)

oh ya ya ya and a thing , gratz that you couple with your boyfriends like 4 or 5 years ?

nice one darling , I hope your wedding that time its him :)

lalala , after my PMR examination I'm going to genting and for sure I'll jio you go too :D

I hope you can go bahss , take some time to go kay ? hahahah !

and thanks for cheering me up when I was moody and down .

I still remember that I told you all about my problems , and you !

you are the only one who can really cheer me up , I love you darling <3

and yea , hope you can be very hyper high when you're celebrating your sweet birthday tonight even though someone gotta destroy it :)

if the person destroy it , call me ! cause I'll diao 3 bus go whack kao kao the people :P

no one gonna to destroy your birthday party tonight , tonight the stage is only for you , nicole tan shin ying :)

at last , happy sweet 16 birthday again !

and not to forgetting a thing , its ,


last day of school .
Thursday, February 11, 2010, 10:51 PM

Hello worlds :)

it seem that my blog is totally dead !

I don't know ? some one told me that , aww ! sad :(

never mind , I'm here for blogging liao , nah saw it ?! stupid :P

anyway went to school today !

not going to school de but then I have to return back jacket to aaron , so I still went to school .

aww , my class still got people attend eh , miracle :P

well , early in the morning around 7 sharp I reached school .

went to canteen and sat down chit chatted with Wai Yen :)

around 7.50am we went to field for lining up , bored ! *yawn*

we almost got late but lucky we didn't :)

prefect asked us to stand another side cause we were late ? oOo

fineeeee , then ms.sally came ! and ms.sally told the prefect that WE ARE NOT LATE !

seee ?! what la , asked us stand another side for being late , I never late for this year kay !

I'm trying to being good student in school , maybe ? hahahahaha !

blahh , went to lined up and straight marching !

aww , too bad la wei :(

I become more and more black la !! iish >.<

I'm sure in one day have people call me blacky one !

I'm sure ! if I keeping marching and playing basketball , sob !

anyway kept on shouting when marching with Li Yen .

*kiri , kiri , kiri kanan kiri* siao liao weii :P

around 9.30am , everyone went back to class except for form 3's student .

because form 3's student had PJK :)

wooot , nice one ! played basketball !

stupid but I only in 1 ball nia , play with boys hard to in ball la !

blahhh never mind , 1 ball is better than NO BALL !!

lmao , hahaahaha ! wai yen most funny liao de :)

wai yen , you know what I'm trying to say :P hahaha !

after PJK went to canteen bought mee hoon and it fucking cost me 3 bucks for a little bit mee hoon !

wtf , 3 bucks ?! hello , outside only sells for 2 bucks la !

and yea , you're selling in school la , should be have student prize for me and sells thing in canteen should be more cheap !

but then now , WHAT IS THIS ?! shit you la , 3 bucks gone like that ?? soooobbb :'(

fineeee , sat down and ate mee hoon already .

wai yen kept on nagging me cause she wanted to go upstair and stay in class .

well , ate like a supergirl ! hyper fast , then went back to my class .

woot , aaron , michael & seow was inside eating fried !

deng , eat fried don't call me eat la ? haahaha !

took some of the fried ate it , I cant eat too much cause I'm coughing la !

called Rathana *I dont know how to spell his name* to buy drinks for me .

he almost reject me cause he was in duty for prefect , wtf ?

I saw zhi ming and I asked zhi ming whether he can help me go and buy or not , zhi ming said YES HE CAN !

woot , then he went to canteen *go downstair again* helped me buy a 100plus which is orange fav.

well , not that really nice to drink , I feel like drinking orange juice more than 100 plus :P

then chit chatted in class with wai yen , aaron , michael & seow )

we talked some thing which is funny but bad about a teacher ! lmao ! :D

who call the teacher make us dulan him , your fault luu teacher :P

Rathana kept on called us to going down cause during break time and lunch time cant stay in class .

but then don't have anyone listen to him ? I think so ! :D hahaha

then Rathana suddenly came our class and tell us " MS CALLY COMING NOW ! FASTER !!! " *ms sally is disiplin teacher*

hahahhaa , we thought he was joking and don't even layan him except aaron !

aaron went to see whether that's true or not and badly ! ITS TRUE !

gosssh !! our fried , our twisty , our drinks !!! faster keep it and ran to another class which is 3Gamma .

that class had teacher inside ma , then went in luu :D

if ms.sally come and scold us we still have another teacher to protect us :P

blah blah blah , chit chatted there with wai yen , michael , aaron , seow , teacher and others I forgot already .__.

bell rang and went back to our class :)

and it was ... BM period ! holy shit ~ I hate my BM teacher la !

malay again , I HATE MALAYS LA ! stupid , I mean I hate low class malay .

my bm teacher is the one who is low-class malay ! L0L !!

shhh don't tell her yeaaa :P

no choice , cant ponteng also , then went in to class for study luu .___.
*boreddddd !!!!*

after BM had english , wooot ! skipped class .__.

wanted to find aaron to skip class but don't know where he went jor !

then skipped class with Wai Yen :D
*skipped class also bored seriously!*

I promised myself that I don't skip class if I don't feel bored and anything !

except skip class to roof top .__. lmao !

I've been long long time never go there liao since siow & zheng hou changed school :'(

I miss them badly seriously , sigh ! :(

blah blah blah after English had Maths .

don't feel like skip maths class cause my maths is weak enough and I don't know how to do during exam !

so went back to class and aaron asked me want skip class or not .__.

I said " just finish skipped class la , hahaha ! "

then we didn't skip maths class la for sure .

don't really understand what teacher teaching about , I only know I'm super hyper bored in class !

Jin Ger even slept in the class la ! LOL !!!

after Maths had K.H , went to lab and was youtube-ed 0_0

hahaha ! saw some video which can really make me laugh till no energy to stand up !

didn't want to mention the person who let us watch the video , but thanks for making me laughing again ! :D

after KH already 1pm , after school jor luu .

went to canteen waited for mom , while waiting was talking with Jen Sin :D

Jen Sin , I'm still waiting your message la , can be faster or not ? yoorr >.< Hahahaha !

Jen Sin back home and left me alone ?! never mind :'(

after awhile , hoe luen came already , so chit chatted with him , not so much only :P

then saw Yeow Voon , Jie Min & a guy I don't know his name came , chit chatted with them also .

Yeow voon asked me to go Pyramid cause they're going too , but too bad I've tuition at night !

so I rejected him , sorry la kor ! but then I also want to go what :P

then back home , online and bathed :)

chatted with nick and he asked me tonight go aeon greenbox for celebrating his birthday !

GOOSHHH ! I rejected again due to the TUITION ! fuck you tuition :'(

rejected lots of people , sorry ! even ah keat :'(

not I want rejected you , cause I have tuition tonight , next time can ?

I'm sure new year week Im FREE ! that time I jio you , not you jio me <3

and yea later going to tuition too , I hope I can be hyper there when tuition !

but HARD la wei , I have lots of thing haven't memories it la , later teacher gonna ask those question again :(

whatever la , anyway I think Im done ?

ciao :P

signing off to memories science geh thing about tuition de :P

Loves , Siewvoon .

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Sunday, February 7, 2010, 12:13 AM


一 被点者请在自己的网志上打上答案
二 请传给另十个人
三 传阅人请在这十位被点的人的留言板上通知他,他被点咯!
四 这当中的十位不得拒绝
五 被点者请注明被谁点了在哪里接到再传给下十位

六 这些被点名者,你们被点会祝福七,不可回点哦,并且愿望会实现和得到幸福


4.兴趣:hang out with friends , sing k , shopping , swimming , travel :)
5.血型:don't know .
6.最宝贵的东西:my everything :D
7.最讨厌的东西:bitch .


1.有喜欢的人吗 : don't have
3.幸福吗:yes , cause I have friends & family
4.他很爱你吗:who's the person ? haha !!



2.他是你的谁:babe .
3.他的个性是:sampat ? haha !
5.跟他认识多久:didn't go and count , haha !!
6.你想跟他说什么:happy new year ? haaahahaha !

7.如果他变成你的情人 ;impossible cause I'm not lesbian :')


1.最爱的音乐:R&B , rock
3.最爱的卡通:winnie the pooh :D

4.最爱的颜色:white , black , red , pink , blue
5.最想去的国家:Korea , Taiwan , Hong Kong , Japan & China
6.最爱的水果:Watermelon & Apple .
7.最爱的饮料:don't know :\
8.最爱的人:Myself .


1.你很爱哭吗:I hate crying .
2.你很爱笑吗:of course :D
3.你是很有信心的人吗:lilttle bit ?
4.你想要怎样的生活:rich , freedom , friends , family :D
5.你喜欢自己吗:still need to ask ? haha ! of course YES la !

6.你喜欢音乐吗:yes .
7.你喜欢体育吗:yesssssssss :D
8.你喜欢跳舞吗:freaking like <3
9.你很专情吗:of course
10.你喜欢睡觉吗: depands on my mood :P
11.你喜欢唱歌吗:yes yes yesssss :)



1. Jpywyn mommy
2. April monster aka my ah yi
3. Wai Yen
4. Wiind
5. Yukiimii
6. Kelly
7. Ah sheng
8. Yiiru
9. Yaya
10. Jeslyn

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Saturday, February 6, 2010, 3:30 AM


列出其他8个需要 回答问题的人的名

点名 :
- Kelly
- Wiind
- Jeslyn
- Yukiimii
- Xiao yong
- Hui Ping
- Eilin
- Nicole

最希望从朋友 ( 不包括爱人 ) 那里得到的 是什麼 ?
- happy

最近最郁闷的事 ?
- fever already and it making me cant eat ho liao :'(

最受不了自己的哪个缺点 ?
- ugly

难过的时候会 ?
- eat pop-corn >.<

说出点你名的人3个优点 ( 不可删除题 ) .
- cute
- lenq
- kindly

以一个形容词形容点名的人的外表 .
- cute

你现在最想做的是什麼 ?
- go arcade & play still siao :D

用一个字形容自己 .
- 贱 [我喜欢贱] lmao !

- Healthy & be rich

现在最希望的事 ?
- lives , work , play , relax

十年以后 , 你想过什麼样的生活 ? 你打算如何实现呢 ?
- I still don't know whether that 2012 I can alive or not , don't say after 10 years :P

接下来最想去旅行的国家或城市 ? 为什么 ?
- Hong Kong , Taiwan , Korea , Japan , China
- Shopping , eat , skating , see lenqzaii & lenqluii , interested their history

你为什么要回答这些问题 ?
- for fun :P

怕不怕世界末日 ?
- so so

什麼时候觉得孤独 ?
- when I'm alone

最近一次掉眼泪是 ?
- forgotten

想对点你名的人说的话 ?
- Happy New Year .___.

家人重要还是伴侣重要 ?
- can I choose Friends ? haha

选择 boy friend 的条件?
- 165-170cm , can give me happiness , rich , havin' car , havin' house , give me credit card use , and the most important is with all one's heart and mind

在被点之前 , 在做些什么 ?
- just back from Pyramid

Bangsa + Mid Valley .
Monday, February 1, 2010, 2:13 AM
woohoo world :D
yesterday was really awesome day for me .
the last day of January :D

well , woke up at the early in the morning .
prepare everything and went out to ate breakfast and went to the store for awhile .
after that went to my dearest Jeslyn's house :)

went there and chit chatting with her .
gosh , met her again ! felt so damn happy .
cause I can share lots of my secret to her :P

once again , I met her since I was standard 2 :D
8 years friendship and never argue before , woooot !
shocked-nya :D

blah blah blah , then she went to bath .
and I was playing her laptop .
wanted to play dota but too bad .

the software is with her brother , lmao !
after she done her bath , I don't know what she busy la .
kept on walk here walk there , hahahaahaha !

then I continue played her laptop :P
talked some bitch with her , hahaha !
then her mom said have to go jor , so prepare everything and went to K.L

oh ya , before we went to K.L , her mom fetched Darren to cousin's house 1st .
then we only went to K.L :D
and oh - so - no - man ! L0L !! no parking >.<

iish , the stupid uncle not gentlemen also !
got parking don't let ladies park , sendiri park !
stupid , kanasai la memang dia :P

fine , went to other side to find parking .
we couldn't find a proper parking la seriously .
then we parked beside the car which the people can lock off our car .__.

blah , then started shopping :D *I SAW LOTS OF LENGZAII*
muahaha , went to roxy , billabong , mng , zara and lots of shop . *saw a so damn lenqzaii worker in roxy!*
bought same shirt with Jeslyn at MNG :)

then we went to food count ate our lunch ?
haha ! don't know whether is lunch or not ..
then Jeslyn's mom wanted to go carrefour , so we waited her at Speedy :)

Jeslyn wanted to buy superjunior's CD .
but then no stock jor , haha ! so they decided buy it at Klang .
after Mid Valley , we went to Bangsar .

bought LOTS of shirts there .
omfg , those shirts are really freaking CHEAP !
gosssh , it's better than mid valley :P

btw , went to a shop which is full of branded shop .
I wanted to buy AX shirt but then so fucked la .
I got not enough money , stupid asshole .

fine , I'm sure next time I'll buy again .
I will bring at least 2000 bucks to there and shop still siao :P
then I saw lots of LV , Gucci , Guess , Channel , Burberry there .

wth , I mean all the bags .
but then too bad , all is FAKE !
lmao , so damn funny la wei !

sells fake thing to people , hahaha !
anyway , I was entering the shop to see those LV bags .
everyone was looking at me cause I'm a only one who was teenagers !

wth , teenager cant see those thing geh meh ?
must all 20 - 40 years old people only can see de meh ?
elek , look what look ? look your head la wei :P

hahaha , spent quite long time at the shop x.x
then around 8pm , we went back to klang .
Jeslyn's mom fetched me to the store which is my dad's shop there .

woot , today at mid valley , bangsar and the store also lots of lenqzaii to see wei :P
I don't know why , hahaha !
anyway , photos do the talking now :P